About Us

CQuest Consultants, Inc. (CQuest) is prepared to be part of your development team. CQuest offers responsive and adaptive geotechnical and environmental consulting, SWPPP QSP compliance, ICC special inspections, soil compaction testing, and construction materials testing services that anticipate and serve the needs of your evolving marketplace within the Western United States Region.

As a past employee and partner with reputable engineering firms, CQuest founder Darren W. Coleman has acquired more than 20 years of experience working for a diverse portfolio of regional and national clients including large-box retail grocery and pharmacy chains, distribution centers, business parks, municipalities, educational facilities, medical facilities, land and air transportation including infrastructure, single- and multi-family residences, in addition to many others.

Proactive and passionate, CQuest will commit to your project from the ground up. We value your project as a primary importance to our success. Invested in growing our business with a personal touch, our highly qualified and established company provides consulting, inspection, and testing services at a level you would expect while keeping your project within budget. CQuest continues to bridge the gap between owners and builders which results in substantial cost savings for your projects. We look forward to the opportunity to be part of your project team.

Our Projects